Fast February

A happy new year to our track nuts.


We are very pleased to be starting the year so early. This is the perfect opportunity to get some early track time in or even a shakedown for some new things.


The day will be a huge with a mixture of enthusiasts from across the UK all Marques and clubs are welcome. Both track and club space will be limited and will need to be booked in advance. This means there’s an opportunity for those who wish to show and meet new and people and for those more track focused. Anyone can participate in the track sessions which will run throughout the day.

Details are as follows:

Full day £60, this will run from 9 am until 5pm.

An extra driver for the same car will be £20

Passenger £5

5 runs £20, first run will be done with one of our experienced Track day driver Staff.

All passengers and second drivers will have to sign an indemnity form. Please note to all track users drifting is not permitted at this event. All safety stipulations are listed on our safety and day breakdown page. As above places will be limited so book in advance to avoid disappointment. With reference to cars which are not running, we will need to be aware of how many cars will be attending. Could any clubs wishing to attend please email us to confirm numbers so we can allocate suitable space.

Prices and Bookings 

If you require any further information about this date please email or contact Alex on 07961044910

Format Cost Notes Booking
5 Runs £20.00 5 Double laps Book Now
Full Day £60.00 All day track action Book Now

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