Llandow Lunacy

  • Date: Saturday, 9th July 2011 (9 years ago)
  • Location: Llandow Circuit
  • Sound Limit: 105db What is this?
  • Format: sessions / open pitlane
  • Price: £90 full day
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We are proud to announce our return to the Historical Llandow Cicruit. Thjs time on a Saturday! Last year was a huge success and a fantastic track and road trip. Please find below all fo the information for the day.

The day will have limited spaces and will be run on a first come first serve basis. There will be ambulance and recovery services on hand for the full day to ensure maximum safety and reassurance for your track day.TrackDayDrivers_CircuitDay2010_498


It will be slightly different to our days at Cur borough as we will be running with groups of 10 cars on track together; the sessions will be 20 minutes long. The afternoon will then be opened to an open pitlane. This is a perfect introduction to track days with other users in a professionally controlled environment. Drivers will be put into groups depending on previous experience i.e. Novices to intermediate. You will be allocated to the most suitable group to optimise your day.

The day will be at a cost of £90 per car.

Extra driver £25

Passenger £10

Spectating will be at no charge at this event. 

To book please contact us on info@trackdaydrivers.com


Please find below the stipulations for the day as stated by Llandow



Car Track Day Regulations and Operating Procedures

8.30am Gates open

9.10am Signing on

9.30am Circuit Safety Briefing (will be announced over tannoy system)

10.00am - 5.00pm Track activities

1.00pm - 2.00pm Lunch break

3.15 – 3.30 pm Afternoon break

Max no of Cars on track at any one time - 10

Cars will be filtered onto the circuit from the start area and a chequered flag displayed from the

control tower will signify the end of the 20 minute sessions.


Circuit RulesTrackDayDrivers_Circuit Day 2010_501

Before using the circuit all participants MUST:

1. Sign an Indemnity form

2. Provide a full driving licence

3. Be physically fit

4. Be a competent driver

5. Wear an approved helmet. Arms and legs must be covered at all times

6. Attend the Circuit Briefing

No participants taking part shall have consumed or taken alcohol or any drug that will impair your

ability to ride/drive

Participants must not race or compete against any other user.

The use of any form of timing equipment is not permitted.

Reckless or dangerous driving is expressly forbidden and anyone disobeying this rule may be

asked to leave.

Drifting will only be allowed on specific drifting days.

All participants on track days at Llandow Circuit MUST attend the Safety Briefing.

This instruction will include:

1. Rules of the day

2. Flag Signals

3. Entering and exiting the circuit

4. Overtaking and being overtaken

5. Driving/riding discipline

6. Circuit layout and potentially hazardous sections

7. Paddock driving/riding

8. Breakdown/incident procedures

9. Session stopping

Flag Signals

The circuit uses the following flags:

· Chequered Flag

Indicating the end of the session

· Yellow Flag

Indicating extreme caution and no overtaking

· Black Flag

Indicating to return to the paddock and report to the Control Tower

· Red Flag

Indicating session has been stopped. Slow down, return to paddock or assemble at the

Bus Stop run-off.


Overtaking should only take place on the straights or exiting the bends. No overtaking in the

bends and no cutting inside whilst approaching the bend.

Participants must ensure that their vehicle is safe and fit for the purpose that it will be used for on

the circuit.

N.B Vehicles will be checked periodically throughout the day for fluid leaks e.g. Oil fuel

etc. Any car found to be leaking any fluid will not be allowed on the track until the problem

is rectified to the Chief Marshals satisfaction.

A speed limit of 5mph applies at all times in the circuit paddock and the pit lane



Prices and Bookings 

If you require any further information about this date please email info@trackdaydrivers.com or contact Alex on 07961044910

Format Cost Notes Booking
Full Day £90.00 Book Now

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