Driver and Passanger safety



- Drivers must attend briefing and clearly show there wristband.

- Helmets are compulsary.

- Arms and legs must be covered.

- Seat belts must be worn.

- You must sign on.

- Windows must be no further open than 1 inch.


- Front passangers are allowed.

-They must be over 18 years old.

- Be over 4ft 8 inches tall.

- Have signed an indemnity form.

- Wear a helmet.

- Have arms and legs covered.

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Your Car

- Cars must be roadworthy and safe i.e to Mot standards.

- All loose items must be secured.

- All vehicles will be checked over by a marshall.

- All vehicles are subject to a noise test.


Sound limits

All vehicles attending will be sound tested by one of our Marshalls. Limits vairy depending on track, typically they are between 103 and 105 db. This is measured at 3/4 of maximum rpm whilst static. All cars must adhere to these limits, if the limits are exceeded the car cannot participate on the day.


For any further questions regarding sound testing or safety please email us at

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