On the Day

Safety and day breakdown

On the day there will be full sound testing, the limit for the day will be 105db. This will be done on the day by some of the trackdaydrivers staff.



Throughout the day there will be 4 members available all with high visibility jackets, we will be doing checks on all cars running, controlling the start/finish line and monitoring the track. There will also be members available to take you around the track if you havent ran before and would like some guidence. We have some very experienced people on hand to help you get the most out of your day.

All cars will be sound tested and checked over, loose items are not permitted when on track.

The day

We will need to get all passangers and drivers signed on.

9.00 Sound testing and scrutineering.

9.20 A member of the team will walk you around the track showing you the best lines and explaining the format of the day.

9.40 A parade lap to familarise you with the track.

10.00 Start of track time.

12-12.30  brief comfort break.

12.30 Re opening of the track

5.00 End of track sessions.

The track will be constantly open so you can go on as and when you wish.
We are going to offer the unique opportunity on the days to win a track day. Tickets are available on the day for the prize draw and are only £2. Do not miss out!

If you want any further information or have any further information please email info@trackdaydrivers.com

See you there
The Trackday drivers team.

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