Frequently Asked Questions

Here we hope to answer some of the questions we frequently get asked about our events and track days in general. If you have any questions not listed here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Track Day Drivers team.


What is a Trackday?

A Track day is a non-competitive event but controlled where you are allowed to drive your car around a real motor racing track or circuit with out speed restrictions inplace. You are required to hold a full driving licence and your car must be road legal.Driving style or manner are expected to be high but we welcome beginners to come and enjoy the fun.

What are the chances of damage to my car?

Very little if any! This is a common misconception is that trackday driving is more dangerous than just normal day to day road driving, the reports show that in fact its the other way around. when on track or circuit you have no oncoming traffic or curbs to worry about with run off areas if needed you are required to ware stafty equipment and all arms and legs will need to be covered. Our marshalls take every reasonable precaution to make sure you take your pride and joy home again in one piece.

To add, If you do spin off and clear the run off area most tracks and circuits have some soft foam walls and gravel traps in case of any error. but please be aware that there is a chance you may damage your car. 

Why are there sound limits in place at some tracks?

Different circuits impose different noise limits. This is to limit the amount of noise generated by the track, usually to conform to local noise regulations. Sometimes the same circuit will impose different noise limits depending on the day, or the time of day. The sound limit will be specified on each track day. We carry out noise testing using a DB meter at the start of each event to ensure all cars are within limits.

What shall I wear?

Any clothing is acceptable there are no stipulations to materials etc. Aslong as arms and legs are covered any clothing is acceptable.

What happens on the day?

Please see the 'On the day' page.

What if the weathers bad?

The weather and track conditions will be checked and a view taken. An average rainy day wont affect the day. The only real causes for a cancelled day will be severe/torrential rain, Ice or Heavy snow. If the day does have to be cancelled the day will be rebooked.

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Are refreshments available on the day?

This will vairy from event to event but most track days are covered with hot and cold food with tea and coffee on hand, please contact us for information for the individual event.

Do you have to pay to spectate?

Some events but not all will require a small entrance fee but this will be per vehicle not per person. This will apply to weekend dates where various club meets will be held alongside the day. Cars running on track will not have to pay the entrance fee.


What happens once I have booked?

Once youve emailed us at you will receive an email confiming your space. The email will contain a breakdown of the day and all details confirming your space and venue.


How do I pay?

Once you have emailed us to confirm your attendance you will recieve all of the information on payment.

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